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Android WebView with progress dialog and Native Admob Ad

In this video, I will show you how to add Android WebView with Progress dialog and Admob Native ad with progress bar percentage. See below gif for Demo   Watch below video for better understanding     Download…

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Passing Objects in Android between Activities

Passing objects in Android

In this tutorial, I will show you the method of Passing Objects in Android. Passing Objects in Android may be done for objects like Strings, User Input data, Web URLs etc., When we do Passing Objects in Android data from…

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Android Reside Menu Example [ Navigation Menu ]

Android Reside Menu In this post, you will learn how to add an Android Reside Menu. Reside menu is nothing but a type of Android Navigation menu which opens in a unique style and look with good Animation. If…

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How to Add Android Exit Dialog to Your Android App

In this Post I will show you how to add Android Exit Dialog to your Android App. First of all I will explain you what is Android Exit Dialog. Dialog in Android is Popup which show a message…

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Load Interstitial Ad when Navigation drawer item is clicked

In this Post I will show you how to Load Interstitial Ad when Navigation Item is clicked. You can implement this in all your Navigation items or any one Navigation item or even items or odd items. Watch…

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Android App Template With Navigation Drawer and Tabs Layout

This Android App template is designed with Navigation Drawer and Tabs Layout. With Googles Material Design Smooth and fast Unlimited Tabs Tabs with scrolling or Fixed Navigation Drawer with unlimited- Menu Items Open Source code   Screenshots of…

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How to add OneSignal.com Push Notifications to your Android App

OneSignal.com Push Notifications

As all we know that Parse is shutdown we need move to another backend website for Android Push Notifications. One such alternative is www.OneSignal.com OneSignal.com also allow you to send Images as notifications and also give you clear statistics…

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How to add Animated Splash Screen to you Android App using Android Studio

In this tutorial i show you how to add Animated Splash Screen to your Android Application using Android Studio. You can add this Splash Screen either to existing Android Studio Project or New Android Studio Project. Code necessary…

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