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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Animated Splashscreenvideo

How to add Splash Screen in Android With KenBurnsView Part – II

This is the second part of  How to add Splash Screen in Android With KenBurnsView. If you didn't read Part I please read it HERE before proceeding to Part II. NOTE: In this post we deal...
Source Codevideo

Android Implementing Admob Interstitial Ad and Banner Ad in Android App In Previous posts I showed you how to implement Admob Banner Ad & Interstitial Ad to your Android application individually. Now i will show you How to implement both Admob Banner Ad and Interstitial Ad combined to your...

Android working with AdMob Interstitial Ad

Watch Video for Better Understanding:   In previous post i explained about how to implement Admob Banner Ad, in this post i will show you how to add Admob Interstitial Ad to your android app. Note: Please read Admob policy...

Android working with AdMob Banner Ad

AdMob is very familiar to all the android developers even for a beginner. AdMob gives you income through revenue generated by displaying Ads on Your App in two ways 1. Displaying Banner Ads & 2....