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How to create Android Contact Form for Beginners


In this post, I will show you how to Create Android Contact Form in you android application in an easy way. If we create Android Contact form it will make our users reach us easily without any difficult…

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How to parse JSON in Android for Beginners

Parse JSON for Android

In this post I will show you how to Parse JSON in Android. This tutorial is for absolute beginners. Parse JSON or Parsing JSON helps us to retrieve data from Online Database to our Android app. So lets…

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How to add custom font to Android TextView

Custom Font

Adding custom font to Android TextView in Android applications makes Android app more stylish. Also gives your app new look and and works as nice UI enhancement. In this post I will explain you: Watch Video for better…

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How to Add Android Exit Dialog to Your Android App

In this Post I will show you how to add Android Exit Dialog to your Android App. First of all I will explain you what is Android Exit Dialog. Dialog in Android is Popup which show a message…

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