How to create Android Contact Form for Beginners


In this post, I will show you how to Create Android Contact Form in you android application in an easy way. If we create Android Contact form it will make our users reach us easily without any difficult and also increases our business in return. So if you create android contact form it will be a very good practice.

Watch Below Video for better understanding 

Procedure on how to create Android Contact Form:

Before creating a android contact form we have to design our contact form on paper. We have to know what are the fields and buttons necessary in android contact form. We use following views in android contact form like TextView, EditTextView and Button.

android contact form



  • Create a new android Studio project with an empty activity and name the empty activity as activity_contact_form.xml.
  • After loading the project and below code to your activity_contact_form.xml by replacing with existing code in it.
  • Now add below lines to strings.xml in values folder.

  • Now run the code and app screen should look like below screenshot.


  • Next open and add below code by replacing everything except first line. (Watch video on top for better understanding of Java code below).

Now if you run the code you will get fully working Android Contact Form in your android application.


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