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In this article I will show you how to add Floating Action Menu (Floating Action Button) with Social Icons
in your Android app.


Floating Action Menu with Social Icons

On touching button it opens respective Social app with a specific profile.

You can add N number of social buttons with this procedure.

Please watch video below to understand the meaning of the code.


  • Create new Android Studio project or open your existing Android Studio project.
  • Add below libraries to dependencies in build.gradle file

  • Now sync the project.
  • Open your Layout XML file and add below lines to it.

  • You will get errors after adding above code. you need to add icon image files in mipmap folder and change names accordingly.
  • Next open  file or your Activity file and add below variables to it.

  • Next add below Methods in your file.

  • Next add blow lines of code to onCreate method of your file.

If you get any errors in Java file regarding ids, please make sure ids in java file and XML file are similar.

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Download Source code from below link.

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