How to add Splash Screen in Android With KenBurnsView Part – I


KenBurnsView Splash creen

Hi Friends In this Post I will show you how to add a Splash Screen to your Android App with KenBurnsView.

This Splash Screen gives your App a Nice Intro look to your Android App.

Lets start the Tutorial:

Note: Please watch the video for better understanding.  

You can Implement KenBurnsView Splash Screen in your Existing Android Project or you can Practice by starting a New Android Project. I suggest you to practice in new Project.


  • Create New Android Studio Project and Name it as your Wish. And please change My Package name in code where ever needed with your package name. I will mention when it is needed.
  • Then create a New Layout file with name activity_splash.xml and paste the below code in it. Please remove any existing code in it before pasting the code.
  • Change com.karthik.kenburnsview with your package name in above code. You have to change it in two places.
  • Then copy two images with names logo.png (size 96 x 96 pixels) and splash_background.jpg (size 700 x 476 pixels) into drawable folder of your project.
  • Next create new directory(folder) under res directory and name the directory as anim 
  • Now under anim folder create 3 new xml files with names close_next.xml, open_next.xml & translate_top_to_center.xml and paste following codes in their respective xml files.




  • Next create a attrs.xml file under values folder and paste below code into it.

  • Next add below color values to colors.xml  file under values folder.

  • Next add below code to styles.xml file under values folder.

  • Next replace entire code in dimens.xml under values folder.

  • Next create a folder under main folder in your project with name assets and copy contents of this zip file.

By this we have finished dealing with xml files. In Part II I will show you adding Java files.



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